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April 13, 2014
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April 21, 2014
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Minutes 10/03/14




PRESENT: Councillor R Squire (in the Chair)

Councillors R Jones, F A Reeves, I Squire, G Marsh, M Roberts and TAG Williams.

APOLOGIES: Councillors P R Done, E Williams and Michael Morris (Wrexham CBC)

ALSO PRESENT: Clerk – W S Nott, PCSOs Rebecca Stallard and Lydia Johnson


Prior to the commencement of the meeting the Chair welcomed Neil Caves and Elizabeth Goulding from the Ministry of Justice, who had been invited to attend to discuss liaison arrangements and local jobs. In doing so he reminded those present that the Council still objected to the development but, as it was likely to go ahead, the Council wished to learn what the Ministry where proposing.


Neil Caves then gave an update on the proposal and indicated that the project was currently out to tender with a select list of four contractors, all of whom had experience in building prisons. He said that currently ecological work was being undertaken and access on to the site.

He expected a start on site to commence late August but limited to ground works, including planting and other linked work required by the Planning Permission. He expected that there would be only limited lorry movements during this time as it was expected that most of the earth would be kept on site. He also said that, as yet, there did not appear to be any contamination problems. All the bidding Contractors had signed up to the Considerate Construction scheme and would, as part of the tendering documents, have to say how they would work with the local community. Similarly they would have to say how they would engage with local companies for elements of the Contract. It was expected that much of the building would be constructed off site and brought in as “pods”, again lessening the number of lorry movements.

He referred to the SME event at Redwither which had been a great success and hoped that that would translate into local companies getting work, indeed the Contractor would be monitored on this aspect, as would technical, ecological, cost and project compliance. He confirmed that the MoJ would also ensure any commitments made by the successful Contractor were complied with. He expected that as the construction phase would take two years that there would be ample opportunities for apprenticeships and links would be made by the Contractor to local schools to encourage pupils leaving school to consider taking jobs in the construction industry.

He emphasised that the detail was a matter for the successful contractor but each would have to have some sort of “marketing suite” where local people could visit to see progress and discuss problems.

He also said that he expected that one of the first tasks would be to put hard standing on the “car parking area” which would serve as a car park for construction workers with lorries using a secondary entrance. Members pointed out some possible issues particularly the capacity of the Rewither junction. This was noted by Neil Caves, although the Wrexham Highways had suggested that there was sufficient capacity. Members the raised a number of concerns expressed by local people, such as about the use of the children’s play area, screening and visiting arrangements.

Neil Caves then indicated that there was a trans North Wales working party looking at preparing opportunities once the Prison was commissioned. He confirmed that the Ministry where committed to ensuring the Welsh Language Act was complied with. He also confirmed that no decision had been reached as to who would manage the prison nor it’s name. It would come under the Wales Director Sarah Paine.

The Chair thanked the MoJ representatives for coming and invited them to come back at an appropriate opportunity. Neil Caves confirmed that he would do so.




Minutes of the Meeting held on 10th February 2014 were confirmed and signed as a correct record.




The Clerk asked for names for the four places offered for the visit to Dovedale. It was agreed that the Chair, Vice Chair, Mel Roberts and the Clerk would go with Arthur Reeves as reserve.

Members instructed the Clerk to ask for the price of the sale of land from the Welsh Government to the MoJ.




In the absence of PCSO Dobby, who had recently become a father, PCSOs Rebecca Stallard and Lydia Johnson presented the crime report for the Holt ward. These included 5 Burglaries, 5 Burglaries other than a dwelling, 1 Theft from vehicles, 4 cases of Theft and Handling, 1 unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle, 1 incidence of Arson and 2 other Criminal offences. The report also indicated that there had been 20 cases of anti social behaviour, although it was not clear whether that was a typing error. The PCSOs agreed to clarify this. One Member referred to possible drug dealing at the rear of the Community Centre and this was also to be referred to PCSO Dobby.





The following payments were authorised:

Wrexham CBC – Employer Costs – £731.07

Clerk’s Expenses for the last two quarters – £235.59

The Chairman also signed the Clerks Timesheet for February including overtime of 43 hours for the additional work with the website.

Members considered the Clerks report on donations and agreed –

Ysgol Deiniol – £200.00

Family Friends – £50.00

Home Start – £50.00

Walk for Life (Wales Kidney) – £50.00

Spinal Injury Association – £50.00

Air Ambulance – £50.00

The Clerk reported that the balance in the Current account as of 20th February was £22,405.54, although there were a number of commitments to projects currently underway.




The Clerk gave a summary of the items of correspondence received, which included:-


i. Wrexham CBC – Employment Land review – views by 28th March

ii. Wrexham CBC – Off Street Parking order- Guildhall

iii. Wrexham Power – alteration of proposals

iv. One Voice Wales – invitation to seek membership

v. Institute of Welsh Affairs – Prison debate 27th March

vi. Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales – Annual Report 2014

vii. Welsh Government – Consultation on ByeLaws implementation – email with draft report

viii. Welsh Government – Consultation on Marine Planning – email with draft report.

ix. Welsh Government – Consultation on Playing Fields Disposal – email with draft report

x. Spinal Injuries Association – Fundraising

xi. Mentrau Iaith Welsh Language use questionnaire




The Clerk had circulated an update report. He confirmed that a domain had been purchased www.abenburycommunitycouncil.org.uk). The website would be up and running early April and asked for contributions to the site, particularly information about Abenbury. The ongoing cost to the Council would be in the order of £75.00 but there would be no charge for adding to the website.




Notice of Granting


• P/2014/0017 – Re–roofing of Training and Conference Building., Ball Packaging, Bridge Road




• Cllr G Williams said that there was a great deal of litter on the road adjacent to the Cheese factory and asked the Clerk to report it to Wrexham CBC.

• The Chair said that the Street light outside the Community Centre was not working. The Clerk confirmed that he had reported it in January but would take it up again with Wrexham.




The next Ordinary Meeting would be on MONDAY 14th April 2014 at 7.00 pm at Abenbury Community Centre.





The meeting began at 7.00 pm and ended at 8.55pm




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