Minutes 14/09/15

Precept & Budget Report
Chair’s Expenses 2014/5
October 8, 2015
Minutes 14/09/15
October 16, 2015
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Minutes 14/09/15



PRESENT: Councillor R Squire (in the Chair), Councillors R G. Lowden F A Reeves, J. Russell, TAG Williams, R Jones and I Squire.

APOLOGIES: Councillor S Clutton.


ALSO PRESENT: Clerk – W S Nott, Michael Morris (Wrexham CBC)

PCSO David Jones.


Prior to the commencement of the meeting the Chair noted that neither a representative of Welsh Water nor North Wales Crusaders were present as expected.


He also welcomed back Cllr Williams from his leave of absence.


  33   MINUTES


Minutes of the meeting held on the 13th July 2015 were confirmed and signed as a correct record.




The Clerk indicated that he had not heard any more from the MoJ regarding the road works near the site but perhaps as they were attending the next meeting that they would report then. Cllr Morris confirmed that he had asked Wrexham CBC to cost the scheme.

The Clerk also confirmed that the CCTV cameras had been installed but that there was an issue over their locations. The Chair confirmed that he had agreed the one by the garages but that the one on the entrance road needed to be moved. Cllr Russell said that she had been waiting to be contacted by the suppliers but could confirm that she supported the current location at LLwyn Onn. It was agreed that the invoice be paid once the one camera was moved and all had been tested. The Clerk raised the issue of providing the PCSO with some form of computer to enable him to be trained and when necessary down load incidents. Members agreed to give the Clerk authority to purchase a suitable device up to £300.







PCSO David Jones presented the crime report for the Holt ward for both July and August. During July there had been 10incidents with There had been 6 incidents including 2 burglary other than dwellings, 2 assaults, 1 theft from a motor vehicle, 2 thefts, 1 case of criminal damage, 1 arson case and1 drugs case. In addition there were 9 cases of antisocial behaviour.

During August the number of crimes had increased to 15. 2 burglary other than dwelling, 3 assaults, 1 theft from vehicle, 6cases of theft, 2 of criminal damage and 1 case of arson. The good news was that there had been a reduction of anti-social behaviour to 4. The “Emerging issues” in the Council area continued to be and the increase of thefts in the area. He reminded members of the need to get reports to the Police in cases of anti-social behaviour.

Members indicated that at Pentre Maelor matters were now better and that hopefully the new cameras would also prove to be a deterrent.

Members again expressed their concerns over the “Butty Van” parked near the roundabout but whilst sympathising with the Council the PCSO indicated that she was not breaking any law.





The following payments were authorised:

Wrexham CBC – Payroll Employer Costs. – £530.40

Wrexham CBC – Quarterly charge for street light maintenance – £149.10

Wrexham CBC – Street light repairs – £4.82

Connected Security – CCTV Cameras – £4,413.60

Clerk’s Expenses – £265.93


Members also noted that a VAT refund of £132.83 and the precept payment of £4,083.33 had been received.

The Clerk also reported that the Bank had informed the Council of some changes to our accounts including the reduction of the deposit protection limit to £75,000.


Bank balances were as follows- Current Account – £31,820.97 and Reserve Account £5,472.91.


The Clerk’s timesheet for the first quarter was also authorised and signed.







The Clerk gave a summary of the items of correspondence received, which included:-


  1. Wrexham CBC – Rural Community Council Meeting – Minutes and covering email. Noted
  2. Wrexham CBC – Town & Community Council Forum meeting notice – 15th October 2015. Noted and request item on new Pensions regulation.
  • Wrexham CBC – Consultation on Tree & Woodland Strategy. Vice Chair to respond.
  1. Wrexham CBC – Consultation on Strategic Equality Plan. Noted
  2. Wrexham CBC – Mayor’s Charity Dinner Dance. 16th October 2015. Noted
  3. Wrexham CBC – Notice of Standards Conference Wales. Cardiff 20th October 2015 Noted
  1. Welsh Government – Statutory Guidance on The Playing Fields (Community Involvement in Disposal Decisions) Act. Noted
  2. Welsh Government – Notification on summary report on consultation on Reforming Local Government. Noted
  3. One Voice Wales – invitation to Conference – Ceredigion 3rd October 2015. Noted
  • One Voice Wales – Notice of Consultation Event on draft Public Sector Waste & Resource Efficiency Plan. Llandudno 6th October 2015. Noted
  • One Voice Wales – Notice of Welsh Government Consultation on changes to national retail planning policy & guidance. Noted
  • One Voice Wales – Notice of advertisements for Chair to Sport Wales and Chair & Members to Housing Regulatory Board for Wales. Noted
  1. National Offender Management Service – Letter re inspection of HMP Brinsford. Noted
  • MoJ – The Partner August Edition. Noted
  • Dee Valley Water – Notice of Publication of Drought Plan 2015. Noted
  • BBC – Consultation on BBC Charter. Noted
  • Planning Aid Wales – Training on Planning at Chirk 22nd October 2015. Noted
  1. CHC – Temporary Changes to Women’s and Maternity Services 2015. Noted
  • Dewis Cymru – Workshop on 25th September at Rhyl. Noted
  • Play Wales – News Letter. Noted



P/2015/0543 – Replacement Vehicular Access at Five Fords Treatment Plant.

Members were concerned that no plans, layouts etc. had been submitted with the covering letter. Cllr Morris suggested that as Five Fords was in Marchwiel they might have received the details. The Clerk also reminded Members that Welsh Water had supposed to have been present to address the Council. After some discussion it was AGREED that in principle the Council supported the revision of the access but could not comment on the detail.


P/2015/0651 – Replacement of telecom equipment at Home Farm, Bryn Estyn Lane.

No Objection.


P/2015/0640 – Solar Farm, Erlas Farm.

Cllr Ray Jones declared an interest in this item and took no part in the discussion.

The Chair reported that some members had been able to attend the site visit and generally were happy with the proposals. Members enquired about access to the site and suggested that Sandy Lane would be better.

Supported subject to raising the issue of access.








  • Cllr Morris confirmed that the Cycle way under construction along Cefn Road would be the same width.
  • Members expressed their concern that lorries appeared to be still taking the short cut and not following the signing. When it was suggested that this should be taken up with Patricia Deane on site they were being turned away by security and told to make an appointment. The Clerk was asked to take up with the MoJ via Wrexham CBC.




The next Ordinary Meeting would be MONDAY 12th October 2015 at 7.00 pm at Abenbury Community Centre.





The meeting began at 7.00 pm and ended at 8.35pm





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