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PRESENT: Councillor R Squire(in the Chair), A Reeves, I Squire and TAG Williams.


APOLOGIES: Councillors E Williams, R Jones, P R Done and M Roberts.


ALSO PRESENT: Clerk – W S Nott, Michael Morris (Wrexham CBC) and PCSOs Jade Andrews and Phil Peters.



Prior to the commencement of the meeting the Chair welcomed Neil Caves (MoJ) and Simon Caron(Land Lease – Prison Contractor).


Neil Caves then gave an update of progress, including the appointment of Land Lease as the preferred contractor. The reserved planning matters were progressing with agreement that these would be phased over the next couple of months.  Meeting again with the Community Council was, he said, important to the MoJ and for the Contractor to get to meet the representatives of the local community.

He indicated that a few changes of layout had been agreed which included a reduction of the site by some 30 meters, although the fencing for the “reserved for future development” would still be in the same location. He explained that for staff and deliveries there would be a one way system to even out the flow of traffic.

There was a commitment in the contract that Len Lease would 50% of the work force would come from within an hours drive and that £50m of work would go to SMEs of which £30m would be local firms. Additionally there would be apprenticeships and a graduate scheme and they were already in discussion with the two local Colleges.

Lend Lease had appointed a Community Liaison officer who, with a local assistant, would provide a direct day to day link to the project. This was welcomed.


One issue he was seeking views on was the proposed planting of mixed species of semi mature trees along the frontage of Bridge Road South, which would be in addition to the landscaping on the prison side, which was still being developed. In supporting the plan members sought assurance that the species would be appropriate and wouldn’t lead to long term problems of loss of light. This assurance was given. The planting would be this autumn to ensure they were given a chance to grow during the construction phase. The work would be carried out by a local firm.


Members asked questions regarding power and water/drainage. There would be 4 substations within the scheme and Lend Lease were in discussion with Welsh water over what would be required by the way of holding tanks etc. to ensure that the disposal facilities could cope. Simon Caron Explained the plans regarding lighting which should minimise the impact on local residents. There had been no decision on who would run the Prison.


The final issue discussed involved the contact condition for a commitment to do things within the Community, and although this was intended for the whole of North Wales, Neil Caves felt that the community most involved should get first opportunity. This involved the giving of one day by all Lend Lease and their contractors workers to do something in the community. This would a annually in September/October but clearly could not involve anything that required Planning Permissions. A number of ideas were discussed and the Chair agreed to discuss what might be practical in the time scale etc with the Residents Association and get back to the MoJ.


Finally Simon Caron Indicated that earth moving and the erection of the outer fence would commence around the 25th August.

The Chair thanked the two for attending and said it was really important to the Community to continue the dialogue.






The Chair introduced Graham Lowden who was interested in being co-opted to the Council.

RESOLVED – unanimously that Graham Lowden be co-opted to the Council.

He then signed and read the declaration of acceptance of office and was duly welcomed as a member by the Chair.





Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd June 2014 were confirmed and signed as a correct record.







The Clerk reported that he had sought clarification regarding the granting of a licence for the Café and was informed that the opening hours were indeed a matter for the owners.


The Clerk then confirmed that he had still not received a reply from Lesley Griffiths AM or Edwina Hart, the Minister responsible on the land ownership issues.


Cllr Reeves confirmed that the grid had very recently repaired.


The Clerk asked Cllr Morris on behalf of Cllrs Done and Jones who were not present to take up the issue of grass cutting in the area. Cllr Morris said he would makes representations but that there were clear inconsistencies in the way the reductions in the budget fir grass cutting was being implemented and that Wrexham would be reviewing the matter in September.






In the absence of PCSO Dave Jones PCSOs Andrews and Peters presented a update on crime in the area covering both May and June. There had been 3 cases of Violence against the person, one burglary, one burglary other than a dwelling, 2 drug offences, one unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle, 2 cases of theft & Handling, 3 cases of criminal damage and one case of drunk driving. Additionally there were 7 cases of anti social behaviour.

Members again expressed concern over off roaders who were gaining access though a disused unit on the Industrial Estate.

Additionally the Chair reported that the Vice Chair had asked him to raise the problem of speeding down Cefn and Abenbury roads. Cllr Morris said that Wrexham had carried out a speed survey on the road in two places which had suggested that most traffic was at or about the speed limit but that there was a bigger problem lower down Abenbury Road. The PCSOs said they would discuss the possibility of doing some hand held speed checks with PCSO Jones on his return from leave.


The Clerk reported he had received an introductory letter from the new Inspector for the area, Inspector Jackie Downes.






The following payment was authorised:

W S Nott – Clerk’s expenses – £161.17



The Clerk reported that the Annual Report had been signed off by the External Auditor who had given an unqualified opinion.


    That the Annual Report for 2013/14 be approved.



     The Current account contained £21,782.80 and the Reserve Account contained £5,469.72. The Clerk confirmed that there a number of outstanding bills to be received.





The Clerk gave a summary of the items of correspondence received, which included:-


  1. Welsh Government -Access to Information on Town & Community Councils – Consultation document . -Clerk to respond. (Members noted that the requirement to have a website regularly updated would mean additional hours for the Clerk and it was agreed in principle.)
  2. Welsh Government – Reforming Local Government – Consultation document. Further report to next meeting.
  3. Wrexham Council – Town & Community Councils Forum – Agenda – 17th July 2014. Chair & Clerk to attend.
  4. Ombudsman – Annual Report. Noted
  5. AVOW – Notice of Annual Meeting – 18th July 2014
  6. Parkers Wholesale – Bulbs & plants catalogue – Noted
  7. Wrexham Power- various documents relating to the proposed power station. – Clerk to respond.







P/2014/0444 – Application for Proposed additional warehousing and Silos and resiting of previously approved silos, 70 Clwydeog Road East.

No objection.


P/2014/0451 – Erection of Extension to existing Unit to Provide Workshop, Storage and Sales Area, Malpas Tractors, Clywedog Road Soputh.

No Objections





Cllr M Morris indicated that the Education department were in the process of reviewing the future of the school sited at the Community Centre and was seeking assurances that the Community Council would have the option to consider whether the Centre would be remain open.


Cllr Iris Squire on behalf of the Vice chair asked Cllr Morris to see what could be done to cut the hedge which was blocking the footpath near the Bridgeway Centre.




The next Ordinary Meeting would be held on MONDAY 8th September 2014 at 7.00 pm at Abenbury Community Centre.





The meeting began at 7.00 pm and ended at 9.10