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Minutes 09/01/17


PRESENT: Councillor R Squire (in the Chair), Councillors I Squire, P Done, TAG Williams, R G Lowden and A Reeves.
APOLOGIES: Councillors S Clutton and R Jones
  ALSO PRESENT: Clerk – W S Nott, Michael Morris (Wrexham CBC) and          PCSO Lisa Davies.

Prior to the meeting commencing Nick Dann introduced Claire Evans newly appointed Community Engagement Officer at the Prison. Also present were Suzy Talbot and Catherine Pritchard of Wrexham CBC.

He gave an update, reporting that everything was on time and on budget. The prison would be open on the 27th February with 45 prisoners a week for 12 weeks being brought in. Some building work particularly on the third residential block would continue. He indicated that the first 1000 would be serving at least 18 months and therefore there would be no discharges in the foreseeable future. Staff were being induced and trained, gaining experience at other Prisons and during late January they would be working “normally”, although with no inmates. This would help familiarise the officers and allow “tweaks” to be made as appropriate.

There would also be a review undertaken by the Cabinet Office which, potentially, would include the Community Council. He indicated that the Council would shortly be invited to tour the site, probably on the 10th February but, regrettably, it would not be possible to involve local residents. It was now not planned to have a sleep over for invited guests.

Members asked a number of questions and raised a number of issues, particularly over the continued problem of parking with local businesses not being able to get into their properties. Catherine Pritchard was aware of this and Lend Lease had put cones to try and prevent such inconsiderate parking. Other issues raised were around drugs, prisoners working in factories on the Estate, recent events at other Prisons and work training.


The Chair thanked Nick and his team for their full and frank answers.


Cllr Perter Done reported the sickness of Cllr Ray Jones, who was unlikely to be attending in the foreseeable future. Members expressed their sympathy and agreed a “leave of absence”. They also asked the Clerk to write appropriately.





Minutes of the meeting held on the 14th November were confirmed and signed as a correct record.




The Clerk reported that he had had a response from the Walled Garden thanking the Council for its support confirming that the bid had now gone into the Big Lottery.

The Chair confirmed that the Post Office was willing to have a Defibrillator on the outside. In the ensuing discussion it was agreed to ascertain whether the Prison might have one in the Public Block before deciding whether to purchase one.




In the absence of PCSO Alison Heron PCSO Lisa Davies submitted the report for December which showed an unwelcome increase in Anti-Social Behaviour. There had been 8 crimes and 10 cases of anti-social behaviour in the Holt ward. Two burglaries, three burglaries other than a dwelling, one theft from a motor vehicle, one theft and one case of criminal damage.

The Chair asked for a return of the Speed Van as speeding was becoming a real problem. The Clerk reported that PCSO HERON had sent an email regarding Community Speed Watch. Training was available if the Council wished to purchase a speed gun. After discussion Members agreed not to proceed.






    The following payments were authorised

Wrexham CBC – Employers Costs – £637.292

Wales Audit Office – £231.00

SLCC -£78.00

Zurich Municipal – £708.67


The Clerk’s time sheet for the third quarter was also signed.



Bank balances were as follows- Current Account – £32,275.12 and Reserve Account – £5,476.29



     Following consideration of the Precept Report Members AGREED to set the Precept at the same rate as this year, vis £12,500.






The Clerk gave a summary of the items of correspondence which other than indicated below were NOTED

  1. Wrexham CBC – Commissioning Framework for Youth Support Services
  2. Wrexham CBC – Town & Community Council Meeting – 8th December 2016 – power point presentations
  3. Wrexham CBC – Play Development Team – Presentation and Funding letter Invite to future meeting
  4. Wrexham CBC – Elections 4th May 2017 Information meeting for Clerks
  5. Welsh Government – Principles and guidance for non-guaranteed hour working arrangements
  6. Welsh Government – Consultation on National Development framework
  7. Welsh Government – Consultation on Welsh Transport Appraisal Guidance
  8. Welsh Government – Consultation on Bathing Water Review
  9. Welsh Government – Town & Community Council Elections 2017 – FAQs
  10. Welsh Government – Consultation on banning microbeads – SUPPORTED
  11. Welsh Government – Electoral review – Practice & Policy
  12. Welsh Assembly – Consultation on change of name
  13. One Voice Wales – Buckingham Palace Garden Party Ballot AGREED
  14. Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales Round Table Event
  15. One Voice Wales – “Battle’s Over” Tribute
  16. Planning Aid Wales – Pre Application Community Consultation training
  17. Novus Cambria launch of learning & skills training HMP Berwyn
  18. Dementia Support training sessions(Chair to consider attendance)
  19. NEWCIS – Carers support grant from Big Lottery (Cllr TAG Williams to consider)
  20. Play Wales – request to join and newsletter
  21. One Voice Wales – Training


Applications for Grants – DEFERRED

  1. British Red Cross
  2. MacMillan Cancer Support
  3. Nightingale House
  4. Family Friends
  5. Home Start
  6. Starlight

Thank you letters -Llangollen Eisteddfod, North Wales Deaf and North Wales Miners



      P/2016/1107 –Upgrade of Works at LLwyn Onn Water treatment

      Works. Supported subject to considerate working practices to nearby


P/2016/1078 – Extension at 23 Kempton Way. Supported

      P/2016/1151 – New Scrap handling system on roof, Ardaghgroup

      Bridge Rd.  Supported but require noise restrictions.

Wrexham Power – Letter regarding additional information requested by

Planning Inspector.




Cllr Reeves raised the issue of flooding at Five Fords as the drains on

Cefn road did not cope with the recent heavy downpour. Clerk to request

Gully emptying.

Cllr TAG Williams complained as to how long the cabling work was taking on Cefn road.

The Chair and Cllr Iris Squire raised the issue of flags on a business and Cllr Morris agreed to raise with the enforcement team. It was also reported that the street lights on the main road were not working but nothing had happened. Clerk and Cllr Morris to follow up.




The next Ordinary Meeting would be MONDAY 13th February 2017 at 7.00 pm at HMP Berwyn.



The meeting began at 7.00 pm and ended at 8.55





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