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February 3, 2016
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March 8, 2016
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Minutes 11/01/16



PRESENT: Councillor R Squire (in the Chair), Councillors TAG Williams, A Reeves, R Jones, S Clutton and P Done.

APOLOGIES: Councillors R G. Lowden and I Squire.
ALSO PRESENT: Clerk – W S Nott, Michael Morris (Wrexham CBC) and PCSO David Jones.


Prior to the commencement of the meeting Council received a report from Jonny Hulson of the North Wales Wildlife Trust on work that they were currently and planning to do in the Wrexham Industrial Estate  and vicinity. He referred to the establishment of meadows, footpaths and in particular the need to have a more joined up approach to ecology in the Estate with connectivity of the various mitigation sites. He asked for the community Council to work with the trust. Members asked questions and identified areas which might be of interest to the Trust.


  60   MINUTES


Minutes of the meeting held on the 9th November 2015 were confirmed and signed as a correct record.




The Clerk confirmed that the training for the PCSO on the use of the Tablet to interrogate the CCTV Cameras had now be undertaken.

The Clerk also reported that a further note had been circulated by the Payroll Manager at Wrexham CBC to all Clerks regarding the Pensions issue. He would bring this up at the next meeting.

Cllr Morris updated the Council on the Interactive Speed sign on Cefn Road which should be erected in late January.

The Clerk reported that he had met Cllr Russell just before Christmas and she had explained that because of family and health reasons she had not been in touch regarding the waste bins and that may be the reason she was not present at the meeting. Cllr Morris said that he had visited the site and would chase up the delivery of the bins.



PCSO David Jones presented the crime report for the Holt ward for December. During the month there had been 14 crimes and 1 ASB. There had been 1 burglary, 3 burglary other than dwellings, 1 assault, 1 theft of a motor vehicle, 1 theft, 3 cases of criminal damage and 1 case of arson. Additionally there had been three drug cases.

The training on the Tablet was confirmed by the PCSO and said that he had needed to check the CCTV in relation to one of the cases and was impressed with the quality. He referred to the Community Speed Watch initiative to deal with speeding by training volunteers to use hand held speed cameras to record and act as a deterrent to speeding motorists. Any one interested should get in touch with the PCSO.

Members raised a number of issues for the PCSO to follow up.





The following payments were authorised:

Wrexham CBC – Street Lighting Maintenance – £24.85*

Wrexham CBC – Children’s play area Maintenance- £631.20*

SLCC – Membership – £77.00

* Paid under Financial Regulation 3.4 prior to the meeting with the Chairs support.



Bank balances were as follows- Current Account – £28,622 and Reserve Account £5,473.62

The Clerk’s timesheet for the third quarter was also signed.



Members also considered and AGREED to extend the SLA with Wrexham CBC for Street Light Maintenance for an additional year at the cost of £27.89 per unit representing an increase of 1%.


The Clerk reported that he had received an email on Friday of last week regarding the Community Centre indicating that as the educational use of the premises had ended the loss of income meant that net operational costs would consequently be much higher. The future of the Centre was therefore in doubt. The email had not given any figures but suggested a meeting to discuss the matter. Members were furious that this had come last minute with no figures to consider on the same time as the Council was setting the Precept. There was general agreement that it was not likely that the Council could afford to take on the running of the Centre, but might be able to give a grant to any organisation that might feel it could run the centre.

AGREED that the Chair and Clerk, together with the local County Councillor meet with Wrexham to explore options.



Members also AGREED to extend the Insurance with Zurich for an additional three years at a cost of £699.14, down from last year despite the addition of the CCTV cameras and the increase in the rate of Insurance tax.



Three applications for grant support were deferred until March.



Members considered the Precept report submitted by the Clerk together with the estimated balance at year end.

RESOLVED that the Precept for 2016/17 be increased to £12,500 an increase of just over 2%.




The Clerk gave a summary of the items of correspondence received, which included


  1. Christmas Card from Leslie Griffiths AM – Noted
  2. Wrexham CBC – Planning Survey – Noted
  • Wrexham CBC – Town & Community Councils meeting – 10th December – Noted
  1. One Voice Wales – Nominations New Year 2017 Honours – Noted
  2. One Voice Wales – Queen’s 90th Birthday Beacons – Noted
  3. One Voice Wales – Launch of Public Health Outcomes Framework Consultation – Noted
  • One Voice Wales – Green Growth Wales – Options for Investment Support – Noted
  • Wales Government – Draft Local Government (Wales) Bill –Consultation and engagement event (4/2/2016 Llandudno) – Noted
  1. Wales Government – Strategic Framework for Welsh Language services in Health, Social Care – consultation and event (Caernarvon 13th January) – Noted
  2. Wales Government – Consultation on Positive Planning Implementation Plan – Noted
  3. Wales Government – Written Statement by Minister for Public Services on Senior Remuneration – Noted
  • Wales Government – Wales Remembers 1914-1918. Conference in Aberystwyth 28th January 2016 – Noted
  • National Assembly For Wales Enterprise & Business Committee – Invitation to meeting at Wrexham on 28th January 2016 – Noted
  • Wales Government – Appointment of Independent Member to Board of Community Health Councils – Noted
  1. Community Health Council – Press Release on Women’s and Maternity Consultation – Noted
  • Your Trusted Friend – information on company offering companionship and help to the Elderly – Noted but happy to put poster up
  • Terrain Aeriation Services – Information from Company offering services post flooding – Noted
  • Resources Efficient Wales – Information on services – Noted but happy to display posters
  • Devolution Wales – Conference – Cardiff 28th January – Noted
  1. The Army Engagement Group – invitation to evening reception and               presentation – Lion Quays, Oswestry on 11th February – Chair to     attend



  P/2015/00968 – Erection of New Bakery, Ash Road South,       Wrexham Industrial Estate. Supported




Cllr Morris reported that a report was going before Wrexham

CBC Cabinet which suggested that there would be fewer

PCSOs in the future with the more rural areas missing out the most.

Cllr Done confirmed that the Solar Farm was not progressing.

Cllr Williams asked if the hedge on the Prison mitigation site          could be trimmed.

Cllr Clutton referred to the junction of Redwither and Erlas lanes and that some alteration to the signage would make it safer for users. Cllr Morris agreed to take it up with Highways.




The next Ordinary Meeting would be MONDAY 8th February 2016 at 7.00 pm at Abenbury Community Centre.   



The meeting began at 7.00 pm and ended at 8.55pm




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